Medium Wave Alliance

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All information on this section of the site is taken from the original Medium Wave Alliance website and reproduced with the open and kind permission of the owner/producer.


Welcome! Medium Wave Alliance (established 1 October 1997) is a loose confederation of people who are interested in receiving or transmitting unorthodox signals on medium wave frequencies (the AM broadcast band). This includes, among other topics, very low power unlicensed broadcasting that is legal in some countries (e.g. under the Part 15 rules in the US). The purpose of MWA is to help radiophiles share information about these activities and to encourage more people to participate.
MWA has no headquarters, no membership dues, and no annoying internal politics. Anyone who claims to be a member of MWA is a member. We hope you'll enjoy your visit to our pages. If you have any information that would be interesting to other visitors, we hope you'll consider donating it to this website.


Transmitter Building Blocks.

MWA Antenna Handbook.


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