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          H.L.R the Background

H.L.R was founded in 1988 by a group of young radio enthusiast hell bent on showing the authorities what could be, and should be done in regard of local radio.
At the time in the UK local broadcasting was perceived to be something which had no place in the radio world, but over a period of years H.L.R proved by their success just how wrong those in the (so called) know where.
Several years later and after many good natured battles both in and out of the court room legitimate local radio has arrived. While far from perfect the local radio scene in the UK is evolving and once the money grabbers have gone things can only get better.
With the original purpose fulfilled H.L.R (Herts Local Radio) is now with the help of the internet a growing and legitimate International broadcaster. With new things to try in a world with no boundaries we are far from finished.

Newspaper article after a 1990 raid

All that remained after a transmitter raid in 1991, note smashed dipole and car battery

Band 2 Fm aerial.

An early H.L.R Studio

Live shows Christmas 1991

DJ Matt B

Transmitter workshop

DJ Jammin M

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