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This is the MV Communicator, once home to the famous offshore pirate station Laser 558. These pictures were taken on Saturday 17th April 2004 in Lowestoft (UK).
The ship was built in 1954 by Abeking & Rasmussen in West Germany. She was named Gardline Seeker and used as a cargo vessel up until 1983 when she was sold and renamed MV Communicator.
Between 1984 and 1987 the ship was home to Radio Station Laser 558 which during it's short life attracted audience figures reported to be as high as 12 million, and thus another radio revolution had begun.
After the unfortunate demise of Laser due to Government, financial and technical problems the ship was used as a broadcasting base for a legal station in Holland for several years.
Due to be scrapped in 2003 the ship was saved by the British company "The Super Station", who have now brought her home to the UK  where restoration work is under way. What the future holds for this floating piece of history is as yet unknown. Will she ever go back out to sea to fight the cause? We certainly hope so!






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Laser 558
The MV Communicator broadcasting Laser 558 to Europe

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