Sad Anoraks Gallery

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Welcome to the Sad Anoraks Gallery or SAG for short. If you would like to add a sad anorak to our esteemed gallery then please email the details along with a picture to office@hlr-international.co.uk


Starting things off in SAG, is Laser Hot Hits mega star Nigel James. We see him here sporting his biggest erection yet, a 21 foot helically wound, glass fiber, chav frying, super signal mono pole.


A Blast from the past, here we have an action shot of RFM's Phil Thomas proving he hasn't lost his knack in the art of transistor termination.


Here we see a whole family of sad anoraks. This is the Neil Forbes clan consisting of Neil (co founder of H.L.R) his Wife and their second and third harmonics. Please note the Ross Revenge in the background.

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